Lisa Michele, LLC.
Chelsea, MI
 734 740 6595

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  1. Do you ever need help with your business? I am about to get my certificate in computer software applications and have been learning publisher for example. i also took some classes in Photoshop, In Design, and Business Writing.

  2. My name is Lisa Carolin, and I am a reporter for Chelsea Update. We are running stories about members of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, and I would like to write a story about your business if you are interested. Could you please answer some questions for me?
    -Please describe what your business offers.
    -What sort of clientele are you hoping will use your services?
    -How long has your business existed?
    -Where exactly is your business located, and what do you like about being in Chelsea?
    -Why did you choose to be a member of the Chamber?
    -Please share a bit about yourself.
    -Do you have a photo of yourself and/or your business that you could please include with your responses?

    Thanks so much.

    Lisa Carolin 734-253-2193

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